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Tanner is Lauman's eight year old son. He is growing up helping them work horses, clean stalls, drive the truck to feed, milk the cow, build forts, wagons, teepees and many more things! The Lauman's value the lessons learned through hard work and they encourage their kids to learn and try new things. Tanner has been fascinated with building things, especially with metal. Since his dad was a fabricator and machinist, Tanner has asked if he could learn to work with metal. His dad thought a great place to start was to use the forge and make something usable! Well that brings us to his hand forged hoof picks! In this process he cuts the 1/4 by 1/4 cold roll into workable lengths, then he heats the tip in a forge, then hammers the end to a point. After that he twists the steel, bends the point to a desirable length, then bends the end around to make the handle. With his dads supervision he welds the bent end to the body making it solid so it will never break or bend! Tanner then made a deal with a local powder coating business so each are powder coated in different colors. Also because of being hand made, each pick is unique! This is a hoof pick that will last a life time! It also comes with a fantastic story of a young man learning how to work! These hoof picks come in electric red, blue and bronze and pink. Once you order just state which color you would like in the note section of the order. THANKS!